Bumper swap

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Bumper swap

Příspěvekod siken - FK » pon 28. úno 2011 11:17:27

Hi friends, sorry for my english basic...
I'm owner Skoda Felicia 1.9 GLX Mk1. I want buy bumpers mk2 .
It is possible? Is easy? Pug and play? :D

Thanks you.
siken - FK

Re: Bumper swap

Příspěvekod Marty_pv - FK » pon 28. úno 2011 11:37:29

Hi and welcome,
it's possible to do a bumper swap, everything is more or less plug'n'play, you'll need to cut a groove in the bumper rigt under your headlights to fit a mk. 1 grille - only problem will be a narrow slit right under your mk. 1 grille (on mk. 2, the bumper is modified to accept octavia-style grille)

here are some pics of a mk. 1 with mk. 2 bumpers
thread about bumper/grille fitting with pics
Marty_pv - FK

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