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Příspěvekod bert32 - FK » pon 30. kvě 2011 8:52:35

Hi :)

I am from Poland and I've got a problem witch TC-6. I bought TC-6 from BMM engine but I have MPI :/ . I know that the only difference between MPI and BMM is the flow meter. Is it hard to make the flow meter ? Or where I can buy this part. Please help me, I really need TC-6.

Sorry for my English, I hope you can understand me ;)

bert32 - FK

Re: TC-6

Příspěvekod Marty_pv - FK » pon 30. kvě 2011 10:40:53

Hi Robert,

the easiest way is to contact mr. Třetina from APRI (they made the TC-6 and TC-6P), he will send you the proper flow sensor via mail if you send yours back

APRI Ostravská 2343
756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Technická podpora:
Pavel Třetina
Telefon: +420 571 661 024
Marty_pv - FK

Re: TC-6

Příspěvekod bert32 - FK » pon 30. kvě 2011 17:20:22

Thanks for answer

1. Is it for free or I have to pay for it ?
2. I have to send the all cables from TC-6 or the same flow meter with preamplifier ?
bert32 - FK

Re: TC-6

Příspěvekod Marty_pv - FK » pon 30. kvě 2011 17:26:23

1) he usually does that for free (within czech republic) - I'd suggest asking mr. Třetina about that since you're from another country
2) you'll only need to swap the flow sensor with preamp, the rest of wiring (temp sensor etc.) stays the same
Marty_pv - FK

Re: TC-6

Příspěvekod masster » sob 24. lis 2012 4:26:32

Is TC-6 the only type of board computer ever made for Felicia?
I know there is a big demand for them in Easter Europe and Russia.
The only thing that's missing is a differential flow meter to measure the TRUE fuel consumption.
Já používám Google Translate protože nemluvím český jazyk.
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