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VIN Decoder Fail

Napsal: stř 04. dub 2018 14:48:22
od masster
Here is a typical Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for Skoda Felicia: TMBEEA613V0419133. It is taken from the registration certificate and from the metallic tag located near the lock of the bonnet. We all know that we are asked for it each time we order parts. And each time we get the same answer: Invalid VIN: Failed Checksum. That is because the 9th digit of VIN is a checksum that doesn't match the result of the algorithm.

There are many VIN Decoders online that issue the same error. So my question is: does anyone know why Skoda Felicia VIN numbers are not valid?

Re: VIN Decoder Fail

Napsal: stř 04. dub 2018 18:36:48
od Maty
VIN t's okay ;-)
Vaše číslo: TMBEEA613V0419133
Škoda Felicia, kód 791
Škoda Felicia, kód 791
Verze LX
Modelový rok 1997
Karoserie hatchback
Motor 1.3 40-43kw (135/0,24)
Emise R83.01A
Závod Mladá Boleslav - závod A02
Poznámka karoserie připravená pro zástavbu airbagu (v KND označená jako zasílená)
Výrobní číslo 419133

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